Training With An Edge

Our training is different. Here's why:

We deliver education and tools that give you and your organization an edge in this highly competitive field. It takes immense skill to demonstrate what sets you apart from hundreds or even thousands of others, all with great ideas and worthy causes. It takes a compelling, engaging, and exacting proposal—one that inspires hope while delivering an air-tight plan.


Our training makes a difference because, while we delve into the core rudiments, of course, we also go deeper into the nuances that lift your proposal to the top of the stack. Each course we offer is individualized, specialized and tailored to the needs of the participants. Building on the key attributes of good grantsmanship, you’ll learn how to set yourself apart.

With Brightwork training, you’ll master:


  • Excellent proposal design—always with the funder in mind
  • Critical competitive intelligence essentials
  • Compelling writing that keeps your reader engaged


Training Well Taught

Learn from experienced professionals who not only bring a track record of fundraising success, but who have trained hundreds of professionals like you. All courses are taught exclusively by Brightwork principals, so you'll be learning grant writing from people who understand it for what it is: both an art and a science. Too much of one ingredient or the other yields nothing. Get the formula just right, that’s Brightwork. Contact us to learn more.